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max ensslin was born in south germany, since 1998 he spends his time mostly in devon, GB. he is a nomad, writer and artist.

tracks_o8 is a collaboration between oli k. and max ensslin. 
each track consists of 1024 waypoints, the equivalent of about 150 kms. point 1024 provides the virtual landmark for stories, findings and interventions; finally tracks_08 also documents the actual distance travelled. gps data is submitted to openstreetmap.org's server, this way rendering an individual map. have fun!

this project is dedicated to alaric sumner :)

max ensslin, oli k. 2oo8 


¬ I m p r e s s u m

max ensslin
Totnes TQ9 5LN
email: dysfunction@freezone.co.uk



“The whole picture is not determined by one detail and one also may not be aware of which detail you are looking at, or for.
The most important thing maybe is to allow all possible details to happen.
To do so, you have to lay yourself bare. The beauty of it is that you cannot control it,
but you have to trust it.”

"We always refer to objectivity and subjectivity, but never to trajectivity.
[...T]here is no understanding of the vectorial aspects of our species and its progress
to and fro across the earth.
Between the subjective and the objective there is obviously no room for the "trajective",
that is, for the fact that movement takes place from here to there, a movement from one to the other, without which we will never really understand the different rules for the perception of the world."
(Virilio, Paul Revolutionen der Geschwindigkeit
(Revolutions of Velocity) Berlin (1993) p. 62)