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go, go catch the clouds!!

black forest Belchen mountain

tracking the tracks

nice place to stay near Wutach

fuck winter - feel whatever! klaus, landlord of the 'Hirschen' in Ewettingen - good man!

immendorf allgäu and beyond

nearly got me.

for the portland possee ;)

the hack in Tirol

more like it

swabia rul0rz!1!! and a graffiti in front of the copper's place in immendorf ;)

lush weather in Maurach and somewhere else where it was much colder.

the girls (made of steel) and a bloke (made of wood)

house made from wood and a fence; i want it, i want it now and i want it right here :)

another fence and me after singing bob dylan songs to sheep, looking at the result

result :)