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is a collaboration between oli k. and max ensslin. 

stories, observations, locations, interventions; a survey into unpredictability, borders and transition. this journey will also document a track of the actual distance travelled by submitting gps data to openstreetmap.org's server, rendering our own map whilst we're at it  ;) have fun!

this story is dedicated to alaric sumner.

max ensslin, oli k. 2oo8 



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moving forward

dana writes: the thing i miss most in the city is the horizon. but i guess sometimes you have to work on one's own horizons...looking forward, moving forward. catch a cloud! ...more...

Schurwald, Blackforest and Allgäu

Here we go!!
Leaving Hochdorf in bright sunshine heading for the Black Forest i gradually get back into the swing of things. ...more...


After 700km our intrepid reporter gets the impression that the Netherlands are the biggest country in the world... ...more...

Waterfall and House

There are different opinions of passes: a trucker says the Soelk pass was free of snow, yet another young man says there were avalanches and there's literally no way - so off to the Tauern road through white landscapes just underneath the tree limit. ...more...

Soelk - Rally and beyond
09.05.2008 - 13.05.2008

The Sölk Rally was a blessing, I arrived at the location on Wednesday and spent a night under the stars, warmed by a fire; ...more...

the Three Borders

Sticking closely to the Czech border, the far north of Oberösterreich displays an array of opposites; poor old houses built in a simple but utilitarian bohemian architecture ...more...

Saxony, Thüringen, Hesse and North Rine Westfalia

A Sunday high up in the ore mountains close to Sosa brings drizzle and mist.
Not a good day, chilly, wet with virtually zero visibility towards the Slate Mountains in Thüringen.
The old scene:abandoned factories, lovely towns with people drinking somewhere outside the town to save money on booze,
copple stones and old people, the occasional trabant car or robur truck passing by. ...more...

On the Ferry

after the flatlands through the Netherlands i'm on the ferry fron Rotterdam to Hull: and what was anounced as a choppy crossing appears to be as flat as the land itself...more..

Harwich and the Crowmarsh

5.30 in the morning everybody on the ferry is busy to get ready to disembark, but Harwich sleps under a grey curtain of fine grey drizzle thatmuffles every sound. ..more...

Liquid Sunshine, Flash Floods, Rivers and the Sea

It feels like an arrival, East Prawle in south west Devon, right at the sea - one of my favourite places...more...

Four Weeks

Once while i was on my way through Sweden on an old MZ-combo a good friend asked me: who is moving, the landscape or you? ...more...

A Week in and around Totnes (Devon)

Totnes is a busy town, and it certainly isn't a uniform place. People have their own ideas how to lead a life, how to dress, what to do and what to say. ...more...

Along The Southern Coast of England

Leaving Totnes in bright sunshine is not so easy, not only because you get stopped in the tracks talking to old friends, but also because it feels cosy, comfortable with enjoyable company, the lush environment surrounding it...more...

The Fields are Always Greener

Northern France appears to be layed out in an array of roundabouts connecting industrial sites emitting heavy fumes and smell with others...more...

Home is Wherever You Are

It is true, you don't have to travel at all in order find the things that you want, instead you might find what is given to you ...more...