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the last one is a bull - following the druid's path along the Ysper

Ysperklamm in Niederösterreich and the flatlands a bit further up north

somewhere over there are the mountains

ideal idyll and weird things to be seen along the way

slightly weathered, the both of us

Dora lake in the north of Austria - catching the tracks over a pint and a cacaphony of bird sounds..

haslach town gate and an Austrian border stone - this used to be the iron curtain...

entering the bohemian forest by passing through a deserted border control station

no more barriers between austria and germany,and over there there's the czech republic

'verboten' road according to a tractor driver - and this is all i've got with me...not a lot really...

three eagles on steroids

railway line praha (271km) - passau (52km) right at the border - bad weather looming...