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friggin' cold but joyful.

i heard the soelk pass was still closed, this is the Tauern pass towards a warmer place near Schroeder.

pathways, sometimes trustworthy sometimes not

chicken and bull both look fierce

kind of forbidden, just watch your steps.

the true meaning of 'Gastlichkeit'

Oberwoerth-Stadt, smallest town in Austria, smallest tent there, too.

the hack - the first bike on this year's Soelk Rally :)

fishing near Oberwölz - 5 victims!1!!

lady who to travelled far: Uganda - and Schraubaer keeps his humour despite mechanical mayhem.

challenging soelkpass despite danger of avalanches.

Leaving Edelraute - and Uwe's Oilfield imported from Kalkutta (true originals, both of them)

Edelrautenhütte, lots of snow and a classic example of Swabian mentality ;)

Fish-guard and an a tree, one of the two looks a bit weyrd ;)

towards Weyr leaving behind the Tauern Mountains - and another area in Niederösterreich's Kalkalpen