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After 700km our intrepid reporter gets the impression that the Netherlands are the biggest country in the world with an estimated pupulation of 120.000.000 and about the same number of caravans. In contrast Scotland appears rather small, but with four times more dogs than people, but maybe this only counts for the area around Inverness.
A good number of amazing people can be found travelling through the mountains, full of energy and questions, girls on motorbikes and pensioners in cars towing a caravan, always curious about the bike i might add (yesyes, it *is* a Wehrmacht bike ;), couples with rucksacks, bikers from Estonia, truly colourful.
Unlike spring which seems to retreat the higher i climb, it seems like going backwards in time towards winter.
Now after a long and exhausting ride over the Gerlos pass road and a detour along yet another toll road that follows a pale blue river i arrive at the Rauris Valley; once upon a time 10% of the world's gold was mined here - there are plenty of signs that remind us of that time, with some larger than usual traditionally built houses and better roads compared to more insignificant valleys. Well yes, with a bit of luck I might find a nugget in the river tomorrow. Cold old gold.

status bike: slow
status max: chilled and chilly
status weather: overcast but fair, dead cold in the mountains