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On the Ferry

After leaving the flatlands behind i'm on the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull: and what was anounced as a choppy crossing appears to be as flat as the land itself.
I find it hard to write about Holland, maybe i just don't klick..but find the time to get lost in the thickness of the little roads you'll be rewarded.
This reminds me of Paul Verillio talking about speed and how everything gets faster, and i appear to be one of those trying very hard to slow down, but having taken the motorway for the first time puts things into relation somehow. Haha, met the MZ rider from Liverpool i met in the Ore mountains at the terminal, his bike shiny as always but with about 4000km more on the clock. Coincidences...
Anyways, the Hull ferry was too expensive (due to TT weekend around the corner), the Harwich crossing about a 100 euro cheaper which is still a rip off; the trustworthy Hack parked between a Vincent combo and two Ducatis - let's call it good company!
I don't know where i'm heading at the moment, we'll see, haven't even had a look on the map, but looking forward to travelling through gb; it has been a long time i went there last, a year can be a long time and living in a different country changes perception....
Vincent traveller's wife sat in the chair like noone could wreck the world, and i said, ah, there's actually a character underneath all these clothes and she said
too right. Haha, had a brilliant time with the Dutch people in the smoking room, what a bunch of characters...and the bald-headed trucker got his leg over mrs lovely, nice one.
Well then, people are people are lovely smiles are indifferent are functional are full of heart. Sometimes.

status bike: chugging along
status max: navigating, suffering from booze abuse later
status weather: windy and chilly