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Home is wherever you are

It is true, you don't have to travel at all in order find the things that you want, instead you might find what is given to you. Approaching Stuttgart is a personal challenge, i simply can not stand the place with its overambitious attitude, its rude approach to destroying the land, its mental traffic - so quickly off to the Welzheimer Wald where i know a lake that is more than perfect for a swim, a sunbath and a pint - the weather brings blazing sunshine; the landscape and the timber frame houses appear beautiful as i'm heading for the Stauferland with its distinct hills called Staufen, Stuifen and Rechberg.

Home territory means comfort - the comfort of people that have shared your tracks for a long time, your stories and histories, your decisions, success and mistakes. Now everything seems to be exactly the same as seven weeks earlier, but i seem to have changed. It is the pace that makes being on the road so special, not knowing what to expect next, the quick and intuitive decisions, the curiosity arising from an exposed position. The memories. To be quite honest i could go on, after a short break, after fixing the bike. But life is different: money needs to be earned, and what is more, an appealing occupation has to be found.
Make it a home wherever you are because the grass appears always greener somewhere else. So here's to all the nomads, the travellers, the curious, the storytellers and the wanderers. Alaric: This story is for you :)

status bike: shattered and tatty but going strong
status max: facing up to the future
status weather: 33°, 20° more than a week ago.